Safe Days Of A Woman After Periods Really Safe?

Question: Safe days of a woman after periods are really safe?

If you’re in a relationship and wish to find the days when you can have sex without getting pregnant, you came to the right place. This article will give you some straight answers about when exactly these days take place and how to find them easily and naturally.

Days after period safe or not?

The short answer is no, you can’t automatically consider the days after your period as safe.

The longer answer is that the safe days of a woman after periods are SAFER than other days of the month. But still, not 100% safe. It’s still risky to have sex during those days.

But I have some good news as well.

The real safe days of a woman exist, they just don’t happen after periods, but after ovulation. You just need to know when your ovulation is finished, and there’s a natural technique you can use.

But first, let’s understand what we mean when we say “safe days”

Safe days definition

The term “Safe days” refers to a period of time in a woman’s menstrual cycle, when the chances of achieving pregnancy are close to zero. Those days accour after ovulation.

There are absolutely no ‘safe days’ for avoiding STDs (Sex transmitted diseases)

Why after ovulatin?

In order to get pregnant, 2 things need to happen in woman’s body at the same time. Both an egg cell and a sperm cell most be present in her uterus at the same time.

  • Egg cells appear in a woman’s body once a month, and can survive up to 24 hours – that’s called ovulation.
  • A sperm cell appears in a woman’s body when after intercourse and can survive there for up to 5 days (!) – that’s called persistence.

It doesn’t matter who arrived at the uterus first, the sperm or the egg, if they are both there at the same time, chances are, pregnancy will accour.

So safe days are the days with the least chance of that happening.

What is a safe day

What Are The Safe Days Exactlysafe days of a woman after periods

A day will only be considered safe if the chances of an egg cell appearance (ovulation) in the next 5 following days are close to zero.

In other words, safe days are at least 5 days before your next ovulation.

Why 5 days?
Because that is the maximum time a sperm cell can survive inside your body.

For example, if you have sex today, a sperm cell might survive inside your uterus for the next 5 days. You need to make sure those 5 days are not days when you ovulate.

Otherwise, you might get pregnant.

Why the days after period are not considered safe?

Because it doesn’t apply to the 5 days rule we stated above – you might ovulate within 5 days after your period.

if you have unprotected sex right after your period there is a fair chance a sperm cell will survive inside your body until an egg cell will also appear and you will become pregnant.

Let’s assume a typical month

typical month safe days of a woman after periods
  • [14-18] Period – Let’s assume you got your period on July 14th, it lasted 4 days and ended on July 18th
  • [19] Unprotected sex – You and your partner decided to have unprotected sex┬áright when your period was over, on July 19th
  • [20-24] Sperm survival – A sperm cell can theoretically live in your body for 5 days – until July 24th
  • [23] Ovulation – You happened to ovulate sooner than usual, and an egg cell appeared in your body on July 23rd
  • [23-24] Chances of pregnancy – Both a sperm cell and an egg cell will be in your body at the same time and you will most probably get pregnant.

Does this mean I’m fertile right after my period?

No, right after your period has ended, there is no egg cell in your body and you are certainly not fertile.

But you could possibly be fertile within 4 days from the moment your period has ended. And since 4 days are less than the 5 days sperm can live inside the uterus.

So a sperm cell that entered your body right after your period ended, can possibly survive there and meet with the egg cell that will appear 4 days later.

“safe days of a woman after periods” is a lie?

It’s a misconception. People think the days of a woman after periods are safe because the chances of getting pregnant in those days are lower.

Why Chances Of Getting Pregnant After Periods Are Low?

  • Because most of the times sperm cells last in your body only for 2-3 days and not for 5 days.
  • And because mostly an egg cell will appear in your body only after 11 days and not after 4 days.
  • So yes, chances of a sperm cell meeting an egg cell right after a period are very low.

So Is Unprotected Sex After Periods Worth The Shot?

In my opinion, it most certainly does not. Mainly because there is a better option.

The real safe days of the month

What Are The Real Safe Days safe days of a woman after periods

I’m glad we got here.

The real safe days occur after ovulation and before periods.

Real safe days
The real safe days for a woman to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant are actually the days before her periods.

The safe days are the time period between your monthly ovulation and monthly period.

Why are these days safe?

The reason these days are considered safe is that after you (for sure) finished ovulating there is enough time to be positive that if a sperm cell got inside of you, he will surely die before you ovulate again.

In other words

Chances of a sperm cell meeting an egg cell after ovulation are completely finished and before the period started are extremely low – To the point where we can call them safe.

When do the real safe days begin?

The real safe days begin 48 hours after you ovulate.

48 hours will give you enough time to know ovulation is completely over and the egg cell is no longer there, so it’s now safe to let a sperm cell in.

But wait, how can I know when I’m ovulating?

So this is the tricky part of the real safe days.
Because ovulation (unlike menstruation) is not a big drama queen, and it’s harder to tell exactly when you are ovulating.

And if you want to have sex without worrying about pregnancy, you need to know exactly when you are ovulating.

Good news is you can know exactly when you are ovulating by measuring your temperature under the tong every morning.
It’s called the temperature method for natural contraception and it’s practiced by millions of women around the globe.

The temperature method

The Temperature Method provides a simple way for women to know when they are ovulating.

By taking temperatures for ~30 seconds each morning they can find their safe days, and behave accordingly.

How does it work?

It works with a special monitor that reads your temperatures and compares it to a huge database.

The monitor will show:

A green light on safe days

A red light on unsafe days

What can the monitor tell me?

  • Whether it’s safe to have sex today
  • Predict your period dates ahead of time
  • Predict ovulation dates ahead of time

Is the Temperature Method Safe?

The temperature method has been proved to be over 99% safe.

Same safety level as hormonal pills and condoms.

What have we learned?

  • Safe Days Of A Woman After Periods are not really safe.
  • The real safe days are actually after ovulation and before periods.
  • The best way to know exactly when your safe days occur is by using a temperature method monitor.

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