Sympto Thermal Method Advantages And Disadvantages (For Beginners)

The sympto thermal method advantages and disadvantages are plenty! It really is a very popular natural contraception method.

And of course, what you and I might see as an advantage, someone else might see as a disadvantage (and the other way around).

In this post about the sympto thermal method advantages and disadvantages, I’m gonna do my best to help you decide if the sympto thermal method is right for you!

What is the sympto thermal method?

The sympto thermal method (STM) is a natural organic way to avoid pregnancy by following your body’s natural symptoms every day and timing your intercourse accordingly.

The method allows you to understand your body and its physiological changes. It also enables you to easily identify your safe days from your fertile days of the month.

And this is why the method can be used to either avoid or achieve pregnancy.

How does it work?

When your body is fertile it makes the following adjustments:

  • Temperatures go up
  • Cervical mucus changes the texture
  • Your body produces more Estrogen
  • Electrolyte levels in your body change

By tracking down some or all of these changes you can know with 98% accuracy when is a good time to have sex and when it isn’t.

How can you track down those changes?

I believe the best way to track down those changes is with a fertility monitor.

Sympto thermal advantages


STM (Sympto Thermal Method) is one of the most effective methods of birth control with a success rate of 97-99% provided that the guidelines are thoroughly implemented.


If you look at efficiency in terms of effort and results, with STM you have protected sex only on days you know are fertile, while with other barrier methods (like pills or condoms) you are always using protection, regardless of whether you are fertile or no.
Bottom line is with STM you put in less effort and get the same results.

Personal health

Unlike other barrier methods, STM has no side effects what so ever.
The pill, for example, has some terrible side effect on a woman’s body.
Condoms can give some people rash and from IUD you can get infections.

Knowing your body

This is the true magic of this method.

  • Know exactly when you are ovulating
  • Predict your periods 6 days ahead
  • Measure the length of your menstrual cycle

Natural intercourse

A lot of couples say condoms cause interference to their natural intimacy.
Condoms are preventing them to achieve enjoyment of the intercourse to it’s fullest.
With STM you only need to use condoms on specific days (or not at all).

Save money in the long run

Exactly how much natural contraception will cost you is up to you.
Some women use a free phone app or a professional fertility monitor.

Either way, you will save money in the long run because you will stop buying pills and minimize your use of condoms.

Good for getting pregnant as well

When and if one day you will wish to get pregnant – Your experience (and equipment) with the sympto thermal method will be a tremendous advantage.


One of my personal most favorite advantages of the STM method is that it’s “Green” Practicing STM doesn’t include creating any kind of trash at all. While if you’re using condoms on a daily basis you are using a lot of non-recyclable rubber and raping materials.
And if you’re using “The pill” the hormones, after leaving your body end up in our environment.

Religious / cultural beliefs

STM  is also a great solution for people whose cultural/religious beliefs deny other methods of birth control like condoms or “The pill”

Stop whenever you want

With STM you can choose to stop practicing the method whenever you want. If you start and see it’s not for you, you can just drop it.
Unlike “The pill” where if you decide to stop you still need to finish the pills of this month, and if you wish to start you need to consult a doctor.

Sympto thermal disadvantages


The Sympto Thermal Method Does Not Protect You From STDs 

It can only prevent pregnancy and help you learn about your body. Meaning that it is only recommended either for couples who are in a long-term relationship with a healthy mutual trust, or for single women who wish to know more about their menstrual cycle.

Irregular periods

If your menstrual cycle is shorter or longer than the average 28-30 days or just typically irregular, a temperature based fertility monitor might not work for you. But there is a fertility monitor called OvaCue that works by monitoring electrolytes that claim to work for women with irregular periods.

Fear of infection

If fingers or device are unclean during cervical inspections, there might be a possibility of infection. Therefore this method obviously requires you to be sterile as possible (Even though a cervical inspection is not a must).

Examine yourself

This can be either sympto thermal method advantages and disadvantages because, for some women, it might be easier than others, but you should take it under consideration that for applying this method you will need to at least check your temperature under the tong every mourning.

Adjusting periods

If you use a fertility monitor, it takes time until it gets to know you and can predict your fertile days, at the beginning there won’t be many “green days” to have sex but after some time you will get more and more.

The fertile days

One of the most reliable ways of implementing STM (Sympto Thermal Method) is by either obtaining from sex entirely or by using condoms in the days prior to ovulation (the fertile days). This period is also known as “la method dure” and it can be hard for some couples to master.

Not suitable for everyone

The Sympto Thermal Method is not as useful for those with many sexual partners as other barrier methods are. It’s equally not suitable for ladies with irregular periods. To know more about solutions concerning women with irregular period and STM, read about The Electrolyte Method.

Takes good partnership

Unless there’s a frank and clear communication between the couple, this method becomes practically impossible. Both partners need to trust each other, believe in the method and follow it’s guidelines.
“The Pill” has an advantage here as it doesn’t include any guidelines but taking the pill every evening. To implement STM without the help and support of your partner might be a hard task to accomplish.

Who is the sympto thermal method for?

women who use the sympto thermal method advantges and disadvantges

I believe women who practice the sympto thermal method have one thing in common. all of them wish to be in control of what happens with their body. They choose this method as a way of life. After considering all the sympto thermal method advantages and disadvantages you can also decide if it’s right for you.

Women who want to be in control of their health

They want to be in control of their schedule, their emotion, their sex life, and their menstrual cycle.
They want to know when they are ovulating and when they to their periods.

The sympto thermal method helps you achieve all that and more.

Women with certain religious beliefs

Some religions guide believers to abstain “Traditional Barrier Methods” such as condoms and pills to avoid pregnancy. These women find great comfort in natural contraception methods and tent to use fertility monitors like these ones for smart family planning.

Women who aspire a natural lifestyle

Women who try to eat healthy, workout and generally take good care of their body also understand that inserting hormones into your body on a daily basis is in no way a healthy lifestyle. The sympto thermal method is a perfect match for a natural organic lifestyle.

Women who don’t want “The Pill”

Weight gain, hair loss, gastrointestinal symptoms, vaginitis, discoloration of the skin, liver malfunction, migraines, nausea, and depression are just some of the side effects that might result from the utilization of hormonal contraceptives. Read more about “the pill” side effect by Dr. Draper

Women who are tired of condoms

Condoms might be a safe barrier method but other than that they are expensive, non-recyclable and made from materials that can be bad for the skin.

Moreover, they usually ruin “the moment” of passion between couples and make intercourse feel less intimate.

How safe is STM?

Amongst all the proven birth control methods, only three are 100% effective:

  • Ovaries removal
  • Male castration
  • Total abstinence

Sympto Thermal Methos Is Proven To Be 98% Safe.
And Just Like Using Condoms Or Pills, There is Always A Small Chance Of Getting Pregnant.

Anyway, these were are all of the sympto thermal method advantages and disadvantages I could think of.

How to practice the sympto thermal method?

sympto thermal method advantages and disadvantages what is the best way to practice the sympto thermal method

Basically, you can track down the changes that happen in your body yourself.
Without using any smart equipment. Just a pen, and a calendar. That will require your dedication and a long learning process. Plus the chances of getting pregnant this way are higher.

Personally, I recommend getting professional fertility monitor for the highest safety possible. Let a computer algorithm make the decision for you.

BOOK: Taking charge of your fertility

I really recommend reading “Taking charge of your fertility” before getting started. It will help you understand your body and menstrual cycle with real depth. This book will teach you exactly how natural contraception work.

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