Organic Contraception Method: Beginners Guide 2019

If you’re also tired of the pill or condoms side effects than organic contraception can be a great solution for you.

Moreover, if you’re considering making a healthy change in your life towards natural contraception, this organic birth control guide will help you get started.

What is organic contraception?

There are more than one organic contraception methods, but in this guide, I’m going to focus on just one. It’s called the basal body temperature method and it’s 100% organic.

How does it work?

The temperature method works by monitoring your basal body temperatures to find your safe days to avoid pregnancy. When you ovulate your body’s core temperatures go up by ~0.4˚ Celsius and at those days you simply avoid intercourse or use a barrier method like condoms.

Simply By keeping track of your temperatures on a daily basis, you can avoid getting pregnant with great effectiveness.

How is it organic?

The temperature method is considered organic contraception method for several reasons.

  • No Hormones – This method doesn’t require you to consume anything actually
  • No Side-Effects – Since this method doesn’t make changes to the body but only monitors them, it has no effect on the body
  • 100% Natural – Just be aware of your body’s natural symptoms and behave accordingly
  • Eco-Friendly – The use of this method doesn’t have any environmental impact what so ever
  • Natural Intercourse – Organic contraception allows you to have natural intercourse without worrying about getting pregnant for most days of the month

Is it effective?

Practicing the temperature method with a smart thermometer for organic contraception is just as reliable as using “The pill”

According to this article, the temperature method has successes rates of over 97-99% and the pill has success rates of 99%

What are the downsides?

  • Not suitable for everyone – Not suitable for women with short or irregular menstrual cycles
  • Takes Discipline – You are required to measure temperatures every morning
  • When ovulating – On the days close to ovulation you will be required to use condoms or avoid sex
  • Expenses – The temperature method requires buying a thermometer. It can be either a smart thermometer or a traditional one
  • Long-term relationships- It takes being in a long-term relationship with a partner you trust because this method does not protect you from STDs

Organic contraception guide

Step 1: Calculate your monthly cycle length

The monthly cycle, also known as the “Menstrual cycle” is what all natural organic birth control methods rely on for pregnancy avoidance. So whichever method you will decide is right for you – knowing the length of your menstrual cycle is a good place to start.

Your menstrual cycle length is the number of days that go by between one period to another (on average)

*In case you already know your cycles are either irregular or shorter than regular – I’m afraid the temperature method might not work well for you and you better consider practicing different natural method.

Steps to know the length of your menstrual cycle

  1. On your next period write down the date of the first day of bleeding.
    [For example Dec 28]
  2. Do the same on the following period – write down the first day of bleeding [For example Jan 27]
  3. Count the days between the two dates [For example, Dec 28 – Jan 27 = 30 Days]

Repeat this for at least four months and calculate the average result – This number will be your menstrual cycle average length.
For example (30+29+29)/3= 29.33

Step 2: Choose a method

If your menstrual cycle is regular and between 28-30 days it’s safe to assume that the temperature method will work great for you.

There are a few different ways one can practice the temperature method.

For instance, you can use a regular thermometer and a phone app to take your temperatures in the morning and insert them to the app. This option will be much less expensive but it’s also regarded as less safe.

Another option will be to get a smart thermometer with a built-in app. This option is more expensive but it’s also much safer.

Difference Between Phone Apps To Smart Thermometers

As I mentioned above practicing natural contraception using a phone app is the less expensive option. But it’s also regarded as a less safe natural birth control method because it includes your personal judgment.

An app might request you to put in the results by yourself and to make some decisions by yourself. Which leaves more room for mistakes.

With a smart thermometer, you will measure your body’s temperature under the tong each morning and the thermometer will automatically tell you your safe days to avoid pregnancy.

Step 3: Start Practicing

Once you know how long is your menstrual cycle and you decided over a phone app or a smart thermometer you can start practicing organic contraception.

Every morning when you wake up (before you get out of bed) take your temperature. The thermometer or the phone app will keep track of your temperatures and will slowly start noticing a pattern.

A red light 

Will be shown on the monitor on days when your temperatures will be higher by ~0.4˚ Celsius, It will mean you are close to ovulation and it’s better to avoid sex or use latex that day.

A Greenlight 

Will be shown on the monitor on safe days to avoid pregnancy. Those are the days regarded as safe to have sex without protection (Pregnancy wise).

In the beginning, you won’t be getting many green days as the monitor is getting to know you, but as time passes the number of days will rise.


  1. Organic Contraception is not right for everyone – So find out more about your menstrual cycle first. Consider reading the book “Taking Charge Of Your Fertility” for the deep understanding of your body
  2. Choose the right practice method for you according to how much you are willing to spend and how safe you want to feel. An app might be cheaper but less safe and a fertility monitor might be more expensive but with high success rates.
  3. Start practicing and enjoy the benefits organic contraception has to offer, at first you will not get many “Safe Days” but as time will pass you will get more.

If you have anything to add or ask, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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