Natural Family Planning Effectiveness Rate Vs. Traditional

Regular family planning vs natural family planning

Natural family planning

Natural family planning (also called “fertility awareness”) is a method of birth control where a woman monitors and registers various fertility signals throughout the month to work out the days when she’s more likely to get pregnant.

These fertility signals are hormone levels, basal body temperature, electrolytes levels in urine and cervical mucus (read about the sympto thermal method)

By knowing her safe safe days, a woman knows when to avoid unprotected vaginal sex.

As we will see below, natural family planning has an effectiveness rate that can go from 76 to 99%.

Regular family planning

Regular family planning methods include all other birth control methods that are non-natural, including:

  • long-acting reversible contraception, such as the implant or intra-uterine device (IUD).
  • hormonal contraception, such as the pill or the Depo Provera injection
  • barrier methods, such as condoms.
  • emergency contraception, such as the morning-after pill.
  • permanent contraception, such as vasectomy and tubal ligation.

These contraceptive methods vary greatly in effectiveness, as we can see from the table below.

Birth control implant99%
Birth control shot94%
Birth control vagina ring91%
Birth control patch91%
Birth control pill91%
Internal condom79%
Birth control sponge76-88%
Cervical cap71-86%
Withdrawal (pull out method)78%
Breastfeeding as birth control98%
Outercourse and abstinence100%
Sterilization (tubal ligation)99%


The effectiveness rate of natural family planning

Pregnancies per 100 Women over the first year of use

Consistent and correct useAs commonly used
Calendar method512
Cervical mucus method323
Basal body temperature<12

Natural Family Planning – can be up to 99% effective

Some methods of natural birth control can be made 99% effective by pairing it with fertility monitors. Fertility monitors are devices that are very effective at tracking fertility signals, such as hormone levels, electrolytes in the urine and basal body temperature.

Fertility monitors are the most effective natural way there is to warn women when they are about to ovulate so that you’ll know when your fertile days are about to come. And monitors also warn you when you are ovulating, so that you and your partner can prepare adequately to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

When used correctly, natural birth control methods can be just as effective as regular, non-permanent birth control methods. For this reason, I highly recommend that any couple who is trying to avoid conceiving to try a natural method of birth control with a fertility monitor.

Here at NaturalContra, the method that we recommend is the basal body temperature. For this method to be 99% effective, women need to take their body temperature using a monitor as soon as they wake up, before doing anything else!


We’ve seen that natural family planning methods can be just as safe as many other regular contraceptive methods. There is, however, an added bonus: natural birth control saves you money, has no side effects, no contraindications or interactions with other medicines.

In this article, I hope I have shown sufficient proof to you that natural family planning methods can be just as safe as many other regular contraceptive methods. But I haven’t yet talked about all the advantages.

Did you know?

This means that virtually all women can use one of the natural birth control methods we talk about.

If for some reason you can’t trust your body temperature readings, you can use fertility monitors that measure the electrolytes or hormones levels in either your saliva or urine and so on. If you have a good reason to believe that you can’t trust any of these fertility signals in your own body, you can always try the cervical mucus method or the calendar method.

Which one/s have you tried? And how successful have you been? Let me know in the comments below!

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