Can Natural Birth Control Save You Money?

Women who practice natural birth control,  don’t do so to save money.

First and foremost they do so because they care about their bodies and they wish to be in control of their fertility.

secondly, they know that natural birth control is just as effective as artificial birth control when done right.

But Maybe Natural Methods Can Also Save Money? 

To answer this question, I compared the costs of 3 birth control methods.

The pill: Hormonal pills

Condoms: Latex condoms

Temperature method: a natural method to prevent pregnancy based on fertility awareness. A special monitor that tells you when it’s safe to have sex.

Comparison table

The Pill Condoms Temperature
Type artificial artificial natural
Effectiveness 99.7% 98%98%
Cost / Year $70 $61 $330 (One-Time)
Cost / 6 Years $420 $366 $330

*assumed the lowest price available for each method

My Conclusion:
Using the “temperature method” over pills or condoms pays off after 5-6 years

1. The pill

pills price natural contraception 2

Practicing birth control using artificial hormonal pills will cost you anywhere from $60 to $800 a year (depends on your medical coverage) Plus a one-time doctor appointment to get the prescription is $10$200.

Without prescription
A pack of pills will cost $20$50 for one month and a doctor appointment will cost $35$200 this will sum up to $175$800 a year.

With Prescription
If you do have some kind of medical insurance a one month pack will cost you $5$40 + one-time doctor appointment $10$30 this will add up to $70$480 a year.

“The Pill” Cost (assumed the lowest): $70 a year

Cost after five years: $70 x 5 = $350

2. Condoms

condoms cost visits natural contraception

avoiding pregnancy using condoms will cost you $14 for Trojan 36 pack or $7 for a 12 pack. Assuming you use condoms 3 times a week on average you will spend anywhere between $61$91 a year on condoms.

Condoms Cost (assumed the lowest): $61 a year

Cost after six years: $61 x 6 = $366

3. Temperature Method

pills price natural contraception 3

The temperature method only requires a onetime purchase of a smart monitor, in this article we choose to present the “Daysy” monitor which sells on Amazon for $330. This method has no further expenses so it sums up to $330 onetime payment.

Temperature Method Cost (assumed the lowest): $330

after 5 or 6 years the total cost stays the same, $330

Final Results

Temperature method Vs. The Pill

Practicing the temperature method over “The pill” will pay off after 5 years of use.

Temperature method cost after 5 years: $330

“The pill” method cost after 5 years: $350

Temperature method Vs. condoms

Practicing the temperature method over condoms will pay off after 6 years of use.

Temperature method cost after 6 years: $330

“The pill” method cost after 6 years: $366

Most Women Use The Temperature Method for More Than 6 Years

If you’re considering how long you will actually practice the temperature method and if it’s worth the investment you should know most women use it for longer than 6 years.

The reason is that the temperature monitor is efficient both in avoiding pregnancy but also in achieving one.

So a woman in her 20’s who uses a temperature monitor to avoid pregnancy will probably use it for smart family planning in her future decades.

Final Conclusion

Can Natural Birth Control Save You Money 2

If you’re currently using condoms or pills as a contraception method, switching to natural birth control will pay itself off after 5-6 years maximum.

(It depends grossly on your medical care coverage)

Considering that the temperature method is just as effective as condoms or pills, I believe switching to natural birth control method is a smart financial move.

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