Lady Comp Fertility Monitor Review – By 5 Women Who Used It For A Year

Lady comp

  • 99.3% Effectiveness
  • Easy to use
  • Positive Reviews
  • A bit pricey

I’m writing this Lady comp fertility monitor review because I think it’s a great product. But I also know Lady Comp is probably not the right solution for every woman out there!

I concluded 5 neutral and informative reviews from Youtube so you can decide for yourself if the lady comp fertility monitor is right for you.

What is Lady comp?

Lady comp is a fertility monitor that works according to the temperature method.

This monitor tells you exactly when you are fertile and when you are not, so you can use it to either avoid pregnancy or achieve pregnancy.

Five women share their lady comp fertility monitor review

5 ladies, each give her lady comp fertility monitor review and notes

#1 Yasmine uses Lady-Comp for over 2 years now

Check out Yasmine’s Youtube channel

Yasmine’s positive inputs

  • “…I like this device because it’s 100% natural…”
  • “…We have a facebook group with women from around the world and we never have someone who has followed all the rules and became pregnant…”
  • “…When I was just starting I had so many questions so I called lady-comp and they immediately let me talk to a nurse. she answered all my questions and made me feel secure about this device…”
  • “…I think it’s very important to partner it up with the book taking charge of your fertility…it brakes down things scientifically…”
  • “…Ultimately you really are saving money and you really saving your health for the most part…”

Yasmine’s negative inputs

  • “…This device costs about $500 but you can get it used for about $200…”
  • “…For me it’s worth it, babies are more expensive than $500…”

#2 Brianna loves her Lady-comp but had some technical issues

Check out Brianna’s Youtube channel

Brianna’s positive inputs

  • “…After one year I’m still LOVE-LOVE-LOVING it, will never go back to hormonal birth control…”
  • “…I trust the machine enough now to not back up the results with the Kindara app…”
  • “…Definitely, don’t get this right away and just let it do its thing… get the book and read to understand the insights… Because the insights are the most amazing thing and this is why I love this thing so much…”
  • “…If you think of getting lady comp, Definitely do lady comp and the app charting…”

Brianna’s negative inputs

  • “…At some point, my thermometer broke, so I emailed the company and they sent me a new one, but that made me skip two days so I got mainly yellow days that month…”
  • “…It’s not going to give you green light unless it’s a %100 sure…”
  • “…Even though I’ve been doing this for a year and you think by now it would know… it’s still being very cautious and that is one thing that is really annoying…”
  • “…I only had to change the batteries this one time (over a year) but it really didn’t give me a warning… but you can go in and check the battery yourself…”

#3 Cath has filmed her self making Lady comp fertility monitor review for 28 mornings in a row

Cath’s Positive Inputs

  • “… Lady comp is small and quite easy to put in your bag if you go on holiday…”
  • “…It comes in a false-leather case which is great…”
  • “…I come off the pills around two years ago firstly because I read the book Code Red … There are things in this book that will blow your mind…”
  • “…When I just started using lady comp I got around 8 green days a month and now I get 14 green days a month…”
  • “…I’ve had it for 18 months and I only had to recharge it twice…”
  • “…When I was on the pill it was replacing my natural cycle with a synthetic cycle… now that I’m on my natural cycle my skin is better, my hair is a lot better, my weight does not fluctuate…“
  • “…We really need to be learning about our bodies and what our bodies need… everybody should know about natural tracking…”

Cath’s Negative Inputs

  • “…If you have regular cycles lady-comp is going to be perfect for you but if you have irregular cycles it’s going to be a little more difficult…”
  • “…My periods are slightly worse since going off the pill and on the lady comp…”

#4 Tara’s issues with the old Lady Comp were solved in the new version

Check out Tara’s Youtube channel

Positive Inputs

  • “…I was looking for an alternative to hormonal  birth control and at the time lady comp seemed like the best option…”
  • “…I really like the prospect of understanding my own cycle and my own body…”
  • “…Keeping track of my daily waking temperature has other benefits such as knowing if and when I ovulated and when to expect my period or if there are any problems with my cycle…”
  • “…Would I purchase It again? Yes Yes, a 100 times yes…”
  • “…Although it’s expensive this is your all-in-one device…”
  • “…You just take your temperature in the morning and then you check the light, I don’t have to think about anything, I don’t have to decide anything for my self…”

Negative Inputs

  • “…I did have some issues with the older model… none of those things were deal breakers…”
  • “…With the old model, I found the size to be a bit of a problem…”
  • “…With the old model, the alarm was very loud and there wasn’t any way to turn it down…”

#5 Michele choose Lady comp for her natural lifestyle

Check out Michele’s Youtube channel

Positive inputs

  • “…If you are looking to get away from synthetic birth control pills or IUD… then I think these two are a phenomenal way to do so…”
  • “…Before I got the book I didn’t even realize there is only a certain amount of time during  the month when you can get pregnant…”

Negative inputs

  • “…Sometimes I can’t rely completely on the lady comp, especially if I’m traveling and changing a lot of time zones…”

Final conclusions

Lady Comp Fertility Monitor Review Pros & Cons

Positive conclusions

  • “Taking charge of your fertility” I think almost all 6 ladies recommended this book as a way to understand how fertility awareness works. Even if you don’t end up getting lady-comp, at least get this book to better understand your body.
  • 6/6 Would buy it again All 6 ladies would buy it again and would recommend it to a friend.
  • Supporting Facebook Group Yasmine said she is a part of a lady comp facebook group with women from all around the world and not once they had a case of a woman getting pregnant while using the monitor properly.
  • Professional customer service Yasmine also said she had a lot of questions at first and she called lady-comp and was answered by a certified nurse that answered all of her questions.
  • Predict your periods ahead of time Tara says she also enjoy the other perks that come with lady comp which are knowing when you are ovulating and when to expect your period.
  • No side effects Cath said that since she got off the pills her skin feels better, her hair is stronger and her weight stays study.
  • The monitor does everything for you Tara mentioned that she loves how she doesn’t have to think or decide anything – just take the temperature in the morning and wait for the red or green light.
  • Trustworthy Brianna used lady comp in combination with a phone app at first but after a while dropped the phone app as she fully trusts lady comp to decide for her.

Negative conclusions

  • Technical issues Brianna has complained about her monitor breaking at some point and missing two days because of that (until the company sent her new one)
  • Battery over without notification Brianna also said that the battery went off without any prior notice, which also made her lose days that led to a month with many yellow days.
  • Interface A bit outdated Michele mentioned that the lady comp interface looks a bit like a video game from the early ’90s.
  • Problems when traveling Michele also noted that when she is on the road at different time zone the machine seems to not work well.
  • Periods slightly harder Cath said that since she got off the pill and moved to lady-comp her periods slightly harder.
  • Issues with old Lady-Comp version Tara had several issues with the old version of lady comp that was all resigned with the new version.
  • Not suitable for irregular periods Cath said at some point that if you have a regular cycle lady-comp will work perfectly but if your cycle is irregular it might not.
  • Pricing I believe all six women have mentioned the high price of the product ($399 last time I checked) but also that they would buy it again.

Lady comp

  • 99.3% Effectiveness
  • Easy to use
  • Positive Reviews
  • A bit pricey

I hope you find this Lady Comp Fertility Monitor Review helpful!

If you have any question feel free to leave a comment below

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