How Does a Fertility Monitor Work?

How does a fertility monitor work?

We have all heard that natural birth control methods are not accurate or reliable. If you are considering natural birth control methods, then you might have that bias.

But that is why we need to talk about how to use a fertility monitor for natural contraception.

Couples who want to get pregnant need to monitor their ovulation as much as those who are trying not to get pregnant and they use fertility monitors.

Why Use A Fertility Monitor?

Because they are highly accurate and they take the “guessing” part out of the equation.

No more calendars! Now, you can know when you’re fertile and which are your safe days with almost 100% certainty.

How does a fertility monitor work?

  • Warns youFertility monitors warn women when they’re ovulating or when ovulation is about to occur.
  • Adapts to you different fertility monitors use different indicators.
  • Knows you must take into consideration your basal temperature, but others analyze your saliva, urine or electrolytes.

“But If sperm can survive up to 5 days inside the body, how can this work for me?”

The answer is you need to know you are fertile sooner than you ovulate. Precisely, 5 days earlier.

You need a fertility monitor that works at least 5 days (120 hours) in advance. Monitors also predict when you will ovulate some time in advance.

But not all fertility monitors will work with such a large window.

Clear Blue’s, for example, only detects ovulation 24 to 36 hours in advance. In this regard, the last thing you want to use is fertility sticks, which only work 12 to 48 hours beforehand.

Which are the best fertility monitors for birth control?

The earlier a device predicts ovulation, the better. The best fertility monitors for birth control will predict ovulation at least 5 days before it happens.


  • Up to 7 days in advance tests electrolytes in your saliva and in your mucus to pinpoint ovulation up to 7 days before.
  • Irregular cyclesThis is perfect for women with irregular cycles who struggle to keep up with their calendars.
  • ElectrolytesSince it uses electrolytes, it’s also a good solution for women who often have changes in their basal temperature due to certain health conditions.
  • 98% accurateStudies show that it is 98% accurate in predicting ovulation.
  • As safe as condomsEfficacy rates suggest it is as safe as condoms, one of the most popular birth control methods around.
Ovacue Fertility Monitor


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Combine a fertility monitor with other methods

Of course, you can also combine a fertility monitor with other methods. If your monitor doesn’t use it already, the basal temperature method is one of the most efficient.

You should also pay attention to your mucus throughout the cycle, libido swings, mood changes, pain or other symptoms.

Warning: cheap fertility monitors

Some cheaper monitors will only detect ovulation less than 5 days beforehand. Unfortunately, this means you can’t rely on your fertility monitor to detect your safe days.

After a few weeks, most fertility monitors create patterns based on your data. In other words, the monitor will consider your history log, instead of comparing you to a database.

As a result, accuracy will improve over time.

Using a natural birth control method, or a combination of methods, is your decision. But if you’re looking for a 100% hormone-free method, then a fertility monitor is a game-changer.

You can finally know, with near certainty, when to avoid relations that can lead to pregnancy.

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