12 Best Ovulation App To Avoid Pregnancy Naturally 2019

A phone app can be a good tool to use to avoid pregnancy when used with an accurate fertility monitor. Here is a list of the best ovulation app to avoid pregnancy. I based my choices on efficiency and good reviews.

How does ovulation app work?

When a woman ovulates her basal body temperatures rise. So by accurately tracking your temperatures on a daily basis, you can know when your safe days are and when are the days you better avoid intercourse or use protection.

So any app that accurately predicts the dates of your ovulation and alerts you will help you avoid sexual activities that can lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

Best ovulation app to avoid pregnancy

Natural Cycles

Best ovulation app to avoid pregnancy

9.99 USD/ month

I have to recommend Natural Cycles as probably the best ovulation apps to avoid pregnancy. If you don’t have the energy to get into complicated details about your app, then the simplicity of Natural Cycles is the app for you!

Focused on birth control, this app allows you to measure your body temperature in the morning and tells you instantly whether it’s a red day (unsafe) or a green day (safe day).

  • Simple and easy to use
  • FDA Approved
  • Only focuses on the basal temperature method, making it inadequate for women with conditions that may alter their body temperature.


The Kindara app asks users to input their daily temperature, cervical secretions, and when they begin their period. This data creates fertility charts for users, allowing them to see whether they are fertile or not. Kindara can also sync with an oral Bluetooth thermometer, Wink.

  • Tracks both temperatures and cervical mucus
  • The automatic Bluetooth thermometer can prevent human errors.
  • The free version is limited to 4 fertility signals and is overall very limited compared to the premium version.


Flo has plenty of features, from reminders to, articles and graphs. For birth control, the most useful feature is the period tracker and ovulation calendar, which logs over 30 symptoms and activities “to get the most precise AI-based period and ovulation predictions”.

It feels like the app has too many features and it is not focused enough on contraception

  • You can input more than 30 kinds of symptoms to help you predict your ovulation and period with great accuracy.
  • It feels like the app has too many features and it is not focused enough on contraception

Period Tracker

Helps you keep track of your unsafe days by tracking your periods, cycles, ovulation and the chance of conception. Period tracker helps both women looking to conceive and those trying to avoid pregnancy.

Cons: You have to input basal body temperature manually. Doesn’t track cervical mucus.

Period Calendar

Period Calendar app

Premium version of Period Tracker which contains no ads.

Glow Fertility

Lets you record ovulation and menstrual cycle symptoms, such as body temperature and cervical mucus. And allows you to track your period and view your ovulation calendar.

Cons: All resources revolve around getting pregnant.


Dot works by determining your chance of pregnancy for each day of your cycle. And it only requires you to input your period-start date. Dot’s algorithm takes multiple factors into account in addition to your unique cycle pattern to evaluate your pregnancy risk.

Cons: doesn’t take into account your fertility signals, like body temperature and cervical mucus, to work out your safe or unsafe days.


Much like other apps, Ovia registers the days of your period, symptoms, moods, and delivers “accurate predictions for period and ovulation”. It also delivers personalized summaries of your health and fertility.

Cons: known for selling user data to third parties.


Ava is a fertility tracker in the form of a bracelet. While you’re sleeping, Ava tracks 5 clinically proven signs of fertility, including resting heart rate, skin temperature, breathing rate. It then uses this data to detect your 5 most fertile days in real time. It syncs up to a mobile app and the reports provide insight about your menstrual phase, sleep, stress, and resting pulse rate.

Cons: All of the fertility signs that it tracks can be mimicked by disease or specific conditions, making it unreliable.


Conceivable is used by women who are having difficulties conceiving naturally. For that effect, it creates a proprietary Fertility Score by assessing fertility factors that include biometric data, cycle metrics, basal body temperatures, and lifestyle habits to predict the likelihood of natural conception.

Cons: Because the goal of this app is to help women “reach maximum fertility”, it’s not an ideal app for birth control. However, you can still use some of the features for birth control.


Ovulation apps & birth control methods

AppCalendar methodsCervical methodBasal body temperature method
Friendly FriendYesYesYes
Natural CyclesYesNoYes
Period CalendarYesYesYes
Period TrackerYesYesYes

After this article, we hope you are able to choose the app that best matches your favorite type of fertility awareness method! I personally recommend using the basal body temperature method – it’s very reliable and easy to use. And, as you can see, most apps will use your body temperature to predict your fertile days.

If you’re worried about your data being kept private, look for the ability to lock the app with a PIN code and read about the app’s privacy policy – some apps share your data with third parties in order to keep it free or inexpensive.

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