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The list below includes the best professional fertility monitor for birth control. Professional monitors might be a little pricy but they are also the most accurate devices for tracking your fertility and finding your safe days with minimum risk.

If you’re looking for a less expensive option you should consider getting an accurate basal body thermometer (around $15.00) and combine it with a birth control fertility tracking app.

You can also get a fertility monitor and app combo (around $30.00) where the monitor automatically delivers your temperatures to your phone app by Bluetooth.

Best Fertility monitor for beginners

If you’re researching the web for the best fertility monitor for birth control you should already know not all fertility monitors are the same. Some fertility monitors are focused on achieving pregnancy while others are focused on avoiding pregnancy (contraception).

If you’re trying to avoid pregnancy, you need to get a fertility monitor that is built for your needs.

Best fertility monitor for birth control

Fertility monitors are an alternative eco-friendly organic solution to avoid pregnancy without hormones, and they can also help you naturally get pregnant when the right time comes.

1. Lady-Comp

Lady Comp Fertility Monitor Review

Lady-comp works by monitoring your basal (at rest) temperatures daily.

Then according to its built-in algorithm, it predicts the days you will be fertile and your safe days with 99.3% accuracy

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  • Highest review score on Amazon (4.2)
  • A bit more pricey than the other monitors

2. OvaCue fertility monitor

OvaCue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue works by monitoring the electrolytes levels in your body.

“Electrolytes” are minerals such as Sodium and Potassium that appear in your body when you’re fertile.

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  • Double validation test
  • Suitable for irregular periods and PCOS according to “OvaCue”
  • Need to take 2 tests every morning
  • Ovacue monitor has two sensors, one for under the tongue test and one for a vaginal test
  • Every mourning (before brushing your teeth) you need to place the oral sensor on your tongue for 5 seconds. When finished place the vaginal sensor for a few seconds as well (Not including period days)
  • Ovacue claims that while other fertility monitors predict your fertile days by comparing your data with a big database of many other users, their monitor predicts your fertile days only by comparing it with your data.
  • According to OvaCue, this way they can better predict safe days for women with unique menstrual cycles.

4. Pearly

Pearly works by keeping track of your body’s temperatures and comparing it with a built-in algorithm.

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  • Compact
  • Under the tongue test
  • Built-in alarm clock
  • Only displays past 90 days of fertility
  • A woman’s body temperature changes according to her fertile status, Pearly uses this info to predict your safe days.
  • Every mourning, before getting out of bed, place the probe under your tongue and wait for a few seconds until the monitor will tell you whether you’re fertile today or not.

4. Daysy

Daysy also works by monitoring your basal (at rest) temperature, comparing it to a big database and learning your special fertility pattern.

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  • Very simple to use
  • No temp. display – see results only on the app
  • Measure your body’s temperature every morning at
    the same time by placing the monitor under your tongue.
  • The Daysy monitor will display a red light when you are fertile, green light when it’s a safe day and yellow one when it’s not 100% sure.

Your Fertility monitor will tell you exactly when are your safe days, it will set you free from the negative side effects of “The pill” But most importantly you will learn so much about your body.

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